Our company

Hire Hub is your online marketplace for professional services. Discover the best experts available to help with your task. Compare reviews, pricing and availability from a selection of background checked independent vendors.

How it works

Select the service you need - let our smart algorithm and concierge do the hard work. We’ll provide you with personalised quotes from a short list of rated professionals. Pick the best person for your job and secure their time by paying a deposit into Escrow. Release the funds only once your job is complete.

Rules of engagement

Working together

So that both customers and service providers know what is expected of them and to ensure a successful experience for all parties, we’ve defined the key rules that are expected when working together.

Provide a clear description of what is needed

Please be upfront with what you need in the Request Form and include as much detail as you can before the service provider gets started. We have tried to make this process a little easier by including commonly asked questions and building them into the Request Form. Service providers need accurate information to give you an accurate quotation.

Be responsive

Reply to messages within 1 working day. Not responding in a timely manner could cause the quoted price to expire due to a change in schedules or even the job to be cancelled.

Consider the quote a contract

Before any work starts the final price must be agreed upon. If the job specs don’t change then neither should the price. Customers can’t expect any additional services that fall outside their original request.

Deliver on time

Nobody likes waiting around. If a time is scheduled to meet then consider it set in stone.

Avoiding cancellation and refunds

Providers of services must complete the task to a high standard. Customers must have realistic expectations. If the quote has not been met to the agreed standard the issue must be raised in a timely manner first with the service provider and corrected in timely manner by the service provider.

Make payment on time

The Service Provider will not request funds before the task has been completed. If an upfront payment is needed then this must be noted in the quote as a deposit or payment for materials. When the task is completed the customer will release funds from escrow using their Dashboard to pay their Service Provider. Alternatively the Service Provide will “mark job as complete” on their Dashboard which will notify the Customer to release funds. Buyers must release payment within 7 days as per the payment terms after being notified to release funds or an automatic release to the Service Provider will be triggered.

Pay using HireHub

A Service Provider who solicits alternative payment options without first consulting HireHub will be banned and blocked from making any further contribution to the community and instantly have their membership revoked. Customers who decide to pay outside of the HireHub platform will not be covered by the Customer Protection Scheme.

We are a community

Bad service and bad customers harm the community. If you ever find yourself working with a customer or a service provider that is not sticking to these rules then please let our Customer Support team know so that we can provide you with assistance.